This is a guest post from our friends at   When it comes time to plan your next family reunion, you’re looking for a destination that can offer rejuvenation and familial togetherness, amid an atmosphere that can offer a variety of amenities. Make that location the Show-Me State, where the wide open outdoors excellently complements the sights and sounds around every corner. Easy recreation and affordable attractions are the name of the game in Missouri, with these staple locations in the American Midwest.

Table Rock Lake

[caption id="attachment_737" align="alignnone" width="300"] The Showboat Branson Belle passes by the dam at Table Rock Lake near Branson, MO.[/caption] The pride of southwestern Missouri, Table Rock Lake also stretches into portions of northwestern Arkansas. Capped by the Table Rock Dam, and recognized as one of the premiere parks in the nation, Table Rock Lake is characterized by clear skies and clearer waters, the site of some ideal recreation for you and the entire family. Take advantage of some nationally acclaimed bass fishing endeavors, this lake is also beloved for its water sports. Whether you’re swimming, boating, or simply dipping your toes in cool waters to beat the heat, it’s a site set to impress in the Show-Me State. Additionally, world-class scuba diving takes place just off the coast, where you can check out the lake from rare, unprecedented angles! With guided and self-guided fishing excursions, and ample opportunities to experience authentic Missourian sunshine Table Rock Lake is your go-to location for tubing, boating, and floating!

Forest Park

Take life at a pace comfortable for you and your entire family, at a Forest Park destination that spans more than 1,000 acres. Situated near the heart of St. Louis, Forest Park has existed since 1876, for the convenience of locals and visitors alike, and has seen its fair share of big-time functions. Famous for hosting both the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, as well as the 1904 Summer Olympics, the space itself is ideally suited to handle your family reunion plans. Host to the world-famous St. Louis Zoo, as well as the city’s art museum, the state’s history museum, and the St. Louis Science Center. Among the park’s many distinct habitats are protected wetlands, as well as prairie spaces and manmade lakes. Continued restoration and land protection allows the park to exist in perpetuity. Today, it remains open and available for your complimentary enjoyment, the perfect public host for your next family reunion.

Lake of the Ozarks

Welcome to “Missouri’s Lake and Outdoor Destination”, the state’s Lake of the Ozarks, a virtual experience that exists as so much more than a body of water! With so many sights and sounds to occupy your time once you arrive on the premises everything from world-class eateries to golf and fishing venues, Lake of the Ozarks offers something new and exciting for every member of the family to try! Reach new heights on your next family reunion, with a trip to this inclusive Missourian experience. No matter your preferred method for excitement, trust that Lake of the Ozarks and can provide and deliver. Rent a boat and take to waters, to achieve pristine views of the lake from atop the waters. Or, if you want to remain on-shore, feel free to check out the shows at Ozark Amphitheater, the thrills of Big Surf Waterpark, or the underground intricacies of Bridal Cave! An epicenter for history and outdoor adventure alike, Lake of the Ozarks is the unique excuse for recreation that your family needs, to spend some quality time together.

Gateway Arch National Park

The unique synthesis of history and the sunny outdoors goes by the name Gateway Arch National Park in Missouri, the site of the memorial to westward expansion. Enjoy this dated, timeless relic of those pioneers who were among the first to settle in St. Louis. Delicately settled on the western bank of the popular Mississippi River, this national recognized and protected park is the grassy, sunny, classy location for a family reunion in Missouri. Start things off by visiting the 630-foot monument, amid a space protected by the National Park Service. Feel free to take a ride to the top of the arch, an affordable way to check out the rest of the city form a rare angle. Discover the Old Courthouse, and take a leisurely walk across park grounds, the perfect site for a picnic, a sightseeing tour, or simply a reunion with beloved family members.

St. Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium

Visit Busch stadium, to support the world-famous St. Louis Cardinals! Renovated in 2006, the stadium can now hold a whopping 46,000 lucky individuals. Count your family among those lucky spectators for any one of the St. Louis Cardinals’ home games, to catch sight of All-Star nominees, and ideally a win for the home team! The site of the 2009 All-Star game, Busch stadium home to the first MLB team in nearly 100 years to win a World Series in their inaugural year at a new venue. Seating is often easily affordable, especially for mid-season contests. And it wouldn’t exactly qualify as an unforgettable outing without some authentic ballpark food, which is why Busch Stadium comes already stocked with the beers, the Cracker Jacks, the hot dogs, and the popcorn you need! Even if you’re only going to stop by the park for a guided tour, the outing is well worth the investment, especially when the entire family comes along for the ride.

Missouri Botanical Garden

For easy immersion into some of the state’s finest flowers and fauna, stop by the Missouri Botanical Garden! For any family with a penchant for outdoor exploration, you’ll love the fact that all the beautiful wildlife you’re looking for is consolidated in a single location. And given that the Missouri botanical Garden offers visitors and locals alike the opportunity to check out rare, world-class flowers and plants, it’s an encounter with history and world rarities the entire family will love. Stop by the state’s renowned botanical garden for more than simply a wide diversity of flowers and plants: the onsite experts can also provide you with information regarding the contents of the park itself! And if you have any questions, either regarding any of the garden’s foliage, or about your garden at home, the friendly staff on the premises is happy to answer. From their collection of aroids to the garden’s nighttime light display, it’s a sensory experience that brings the entire family together.

Legoland Discovery Center

The perfect excuse for adventure, especially for families with young children, the Legoland Discovery Center in Kansas City is perhaps the quickest distance between your family and hands-on excitement. Check out the certified Lego rides, interactive attractions, 4D movie theater gift shop, and more on the premises, while you experience the world of Lego at a pace comfortable for you. Located indoors, the Legoland Discovery Center is the perfect way to beat the summer heat, or even a rainstorm. With special seasonal events that the entire family can enjoy, this interactive, education center for exploration and familial togetherness fosters easy learning. Tickets can be purchased online, so you can beat the lines once you reach the center’s front gates!

It Starts with the Stay

Family reunions are as memorable as the hospitality which service them. To provide the entire family with world-class accommodations during their stay in Missouri, guests turn to Robin’s Resort, a water’s-edge haven for adventure in Osage Beach that instantly upgrades the quality of any stay. No matter your party size or the expected duration of your stay, Robin’s Resort gives each family member a reason to remember their stay in Osage Beach. Make the acquaintance of these award-winning destinations for any unforgettable family reunion, serviced by a resort that offers casual hospitality, at unbeatable rates! For more destination guides and accommodation reviews, hotels and vacation rentals, check out Trip101. This guest post is brought to you by our friends at  We're posting this article with their permission.